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  • Up to 8.7x Faster

  • Built-in Ad Blocker

  • 100% Privacy with Tor

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Built-in Ad Blocker

Most websites are loaded with ads and trackers, which is why:

  • It takes so long to load the pages

  • Your computer slows down and freezes

  • It’s hard to focus on the content you need

Brave Browser blocks unwanted content by default. Plus, you get the reports showing how many ads were blocked and how much time you saved.

Download Brave browser for free

Surf the Internet up to 8.7x faster

By avoiding unwanted content, Brave browser helps you view websites up to 8.7x faster compared to other popular browsers. Check out the video on the right to see real speed test results!

Download Brave browser for free
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Real Privacy and Security

Most other browsers don’t stop third-party trackers even when you switch to the Incognito Window view. Brave browser uses Tor in its Private Tabs making it super difficult for anyone to track, which websites you’re visiting.

Besides, Brave doesn’t share identifiable user data with anyone – simply because it doesn’t collect such data at all!

Download Brave browser for free

Get Rewards and Share Them with Your Favorite Content Creators

If you opt into viewing ads in the Brave browser, you’ll receive a share of the income received from the advertisers in the form of BAT cryptocurrency tokens.

If you like some website you’re visiting, you’re free to support it by donating some from your BAT wallet.

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Download Brave browser for free